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The mission of Freedom Neighborhood One (FNOCC) is to provide programs and services that (1) develop the individual, (2) provide support, and (3) strengthen families.

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Freedom Neighborhood One (FNO) will be recognized for their unique approach to engaging children, youth and families while serving as a hub for the community.

about us

The Freedom Neighborhood One Community Center is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals and families in the Lower Bucks area. The Freedom Neighborhood One Community Center provides a variety of fun and exciting programs. This includes programs for children, activities for seniors, family events and empowerment programs for adults. As a non-profit organization, the Center’s success is truly a community effort. Volunteers, donors, and caring individuals are at the heart of the FNO Community Center.

The Center believes in the power each individual has to stretch beyond his or her own expectations. We strive to provide information to individuals and families that can help them make strong and informed decisions.

Strong decisions lead to greater change, and that’s what makes the FNO Community Center thrive. By strengthening our community’s greatest resource—its people—we help make the community a better place to live. We provide a place for individuals, families, and groups to gather and belong. In turn, they strengthen the community with a greater sense of pride and their support.

Get Active! 

Movement Programs (all ages)

  • Family Hip-Hop Class

    Are you a family of dancers?  Do you find yourselves competing with each other during gatherings or choreographing your own moves?  Would you like to be able to “get down” with the younger generation without watching YouTube videos?  Come on out to Family Hip Hop Class at FNOCC every 1st Tuesday from 7pm-8pm!  This is a class to let loose, have fun and strengthen family bonds, however, don’t be discouraged, individuals are welcome, too!  All Ages Welcome

  • Dance Movement Therapy

    Did you know that dancing is Therapeutic?  Dancing has been known to relieve stress, calm fears, provide cardio exercise and assist in discovering self-identity!  Come out and move your body with us!  Every 1st Wednesday at FNOCC from 7pm-8pm!  All Ages Welcome

  • Kid's Cooking Class

    This class is designed for children ages 7-16. We plan to take the fear and unknown out of having a young cook in the kitchen by providing a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity. This class will teach the joy and value of cooking using recipes while developing life-long skills and a love for cooking. Join us on Fridays from 6pm-7:30pm

Stationary Programs (various ages)

  • Sign Language 101

    Being Bilingual is always a plus!  Join us as we learn American Sign Language, a Universal language that can be used anywhere and teaches the importance of Cultural Diversity and acceptance of physical disabilities and limitations!  Come out to FNO every 1st Tuesday 6pm-7pm.  Recommended for children ages 5-8.

  • Sewing 101

    Are you or your teen interested in sewing?  Join us at FNOCC every 1st Monday from 6pm-7pm as we provide a Basic Introductory class to Sewing!  There will be hands-on Instruction and you will gain practical experience.   Recommended for ages 12 and up

  • Tutoring

    Tutoring is being offered for all grades at FNO every 1st Thursday 5pm-6pm in the subjects of Math, English and Science!  Bring your children to receive the assistance and support that they’re in need of.

What about teens and adults?

  • Mother-Daughter Double Dutch

    Double Dutch, a popular worldwide jump rope style that has been slowly fading away, but, we’re bringing it back!  Grab your daughters, grab your friends and come out to FNOCC so that we can jump!  Not sure how to turn or jump?  No problem!  We’ll teach you!  Let’s go!  Thursdays  from 6pm-7pm.  Recommended for ages 9 and up

  • Daddy & Me

    Story Time

    Although mothers have a big role to play, research shows that fathers are particularly influential for children’s language and literacy development.  Grab your child, along with their favorite book, and meet us at FNOCC every 1st Wednesday from 6pm-7pm for Daddy and Me Story Time! Recommended for ages 8 and under.

  • Making Beats Workshop

    Have you ever listened to one of your favorite songs and wished that you could alter the arrangement?  In such a musically diverse society, we’ve all once questioned how a certain sound has been created.  Now, you can learn!  Join us for a “Making Beats” workshop as we discover the “ins and outs” of Music Production!  This workshop will be held at FNOCC every 1st Monday from 7pm-8pm.  Recommended for ages 16-25

  • Parent Support Group

    Parenting has its rewards and its challenges.  Join us at FNO on Thursdays from 7pm-8pm to discuss the rewards and receive support for the challenges!  It takes a village to raise a child!

Virtual Workshops 

Colored pencil tips

Mapping your future Monday

Will COVID-19 have any effect on the admissions process for potential or newly admitted college students? Join us as share info. that will help students, & families in wake of COVID-19.  

Computer Keyboard

Teacher's Tuesday

With schools closed, you may find yourself working from home w/ a side-gig: teacher. Join us as we share free resources for activities for activities kids will love.

Yoga at Home

Wellness Wednesday

Breath Stretch & Let Go!!—- Kids yoga/ ***BEGINNER FRIENDLY***


We’re taking it back to the basics! 

Join us for a 30 minute fun and interactive session filled with breath work and movement to increase mood, energy and flexibility. All are welcome!

Orange Jam and Cookies

Tasty Thursday

As more people work from home and practice self-isolation due to COVID-19, there’s been an increasing interest in turning on the oven and baking. To relive some stress, come bake with us!


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